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How Important is the School District When Looking for a House?

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

Better the schools usually mean better the neighborhoods; less crime and violence and higher pride of home ownership. Safety and neighborhood resources are are important factors in considering for many home buyers.

If you are currently in the home buying market, the idea of looking for a home in a better school district may have come up - whether you have kids or not. People looking for a new home often weight many factors on their decision: price, square footage, new or old, freeway accessibility, and so many more including school districts. Even if you don’t have children, or plan to have school-age kids, school districts can still have quite an impact on your home value and living area. For instance, these qualities in a great school district can serve as an anchor for strong values in these neighborhoods and keep sales prices rising when the time comes to resell. Several studies have correlated good school districts with good neighborhood ratings- and when it comes to real estate, the name of the game is location, location, location. Great location can mean safer neighborhoods, more restaurants, entertainment, shopping, medical facilities, access to public transportation, parks and other city services. If you do have kids, a good location and good school district become that much more important; many things a parent would consider such as who are people who are living nearby, how safe is it for my son/daughter to walk home 5 minutes from the house, and sidewalks and road signs - just to name a few. The benefits of having your kids/grandkids in a great school district provides so many value . Generally stating, the better the schools, the better the neighborhoods; this will translate to less crime and violence and higher pride of home ownership. In the end, the safety of family/kids and resources around the neighborhood of a great school district are key drivers in the many home buyer’s decisions.

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