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Orcutt, originally located along a railroad siding of the Pacific Coast Railroad as a townsite for oil field workers, is now primarily a suburb of Santa Maria, which is adjacent to the north.  Named after William Warren Orcutt, the manager of the Geological, Land and Engineering Departments of the Union Oil Company - Orcutt is credited with discovering fossilized prehistoric animal bones preserved in pools of asphalt on the Hancock Ranch. Since then, Orcutt has been one of the fastest-growing places in Santa Barbara County; increasing its population over 7,000 from 2000 to 2010. 

Old Orcutt is home to various festivals throughout the year; such as the Orcutt Chalk Festival, Christmas Parade, Tour & Taste of the Valley and many more! In addition to its family events, Orcutt has recently been growing its wine industry presence; currently home to various tasting rooms; Nagy Wines; Core Wine; Lucias Wine Co; Grevino Wine; and William James Cellars. 

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