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Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Grande is a small coastal town with historic, suburban, and rural elements; home to over 17,000 residents. It is one of the cities on the Central Coast known as the Five Cities. The "Five Cities" is actually only 3 cities; Grover BeachPismo Beach, Oceano, and Shell Beach. The first Europeans to see this stretch of coast were the crew of Portuguese; they found the valley to have fertile ground, and was given the name meaning "wide riverbed" in Spanish.

Arroyo Grande’s character and charm is one-of-a-kind; with a walkable downtown, beautiful Victorian buildings, boutique shops, and restaurants. 

The Village of Arroyo Grande is well known for its annual Festivals and weekly Farmer's Market that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors and local residents.

Arroyo Grande enjoys a pleasant year-round climate with beautiful scenic views. The city is home to fine schools, a rich agricultural and tourism based economy as well as many cultural facilities and events. The warmth of the community is abundant with its friendly residents and small-town charm.

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